Harry Organizer and Accessory Holder is Boon to Us All

No, it is not an accessory in itself, though it does look like a pretty weird and crazy one! Take a look at the next picture and you might be able to figure out what it is…

bathroom gadgets organizer

Well, you might not know the name, but would have a pretty good idea about what it is by now. This is the hairy..ahem…Harry Organizer and Accessory Holder 🙂 and it is extremely useful.

gadgets organizer

Take a look how much stuff you can store and all the different things you can manage using this multipurpose organizer….

make up gadgets organizer

Once opened up it comes to about 120mm height – 95mm in diameter and I am sure now you have a better idea about how you can put it to use. Harry can be placed on any flat surface, or on the floor, it can be hung on walls, or doors or mirrors, it can be used anywhere, in you car, at home or at office, just to clean up all the small clutter which you always have around you. Since you need them all, you can put them all in one place using Harry’s claws, hooks, pointers, hangers and rings. You can store your kitchen gadgets, personal stuff, clothes, accessories and important papers on Harry.

pretty gadgets organizer

You can buy one for $24.99 right now.

key organizer