Healthy Ellbee Lunch Boxes for Primary School Kids

Packing lunch for small school children is not an easy task as kids are extremely fussy about food and it is very difficult to keep them away from junk food, which is tasty but has no real food value. Krissy Quinton has designed cute Healthy Ellbee Lunch Boxes to pack a balanced diet for primary school kids between ages of 5 and 8, and the best part is, it contains a diet chart, too.

healthy ellbee lunch box1

Most of lunch boxes for the particular age group of 5-8 are small because neither can they eat heavy portions of food nor can they carry heavy ones. So the ideal lunch box design is the one with more volume for packing little portions of different kinds of food. Healthy Ellbee lunch box design ensures one can carry even a small fruit along with other food stuff, thus one can pack a healthy lunch for kids.

healthy ellbee lunch box2

The food chart and points is another interesting addition. Children will love marking points on the chart found at the inner portion of the box cover. These markings may inculcate healthy eating habits in them subconsciously.

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