Adorable Hello kitty Chess Game

I am sure men would be perpetually envious of the fact that they never have so many colorful and cute choices with respect to things they use. But for women, we just have to think about it and there it is, on the platter for us. So before any woman snapped out of her dreams of a pink chessboard, Hello kitty saved the day. The Adorable Hello Kitty Chess Game is a cute decorative version of one of the world’s most brain-challenging games.

hello kitty chess set pieces

The Deluxe Collector Tin Case here stashes all the cute chess pieces and when you turn it upside down, you’ll find the laced checkered print. Sanrio suggests Hello Kitty celebrates her 30 glorious years of wooing women with her friends through this product.

hello kitty chess board

The pieces for opponents are the same, the pink and the bright red color being the only distinguishing factor. I simply love the cute yellow crown of our King Hello Kitty and not to mention the beautifully decked Queen with her pink bow and flowers. Even though its not meant for adults, I am planning to buy one of these just as a souvenir.  For as much as $22, it makes up for a great gifting idea. Hello Kitty, off late, has been gracing a lot of everyday products and concepts and if you wish to follow the cult of the pink cat’s mania, do check the Hello Kitty Flash Drive, Hello kitty Rubik’s cube and a Swarovski-studded Hello Kitty Digital Camera.

Hello kitty chess game