Cute Hello Kitty Lunchbox Designs

Hello Kitty is taking the world by storm for quite a while now, and as cute as these Lunchbox designs are, they are not going away even though such modern and innovative creations are offered left and right.

hello kitty lunchbox design for geeks

These two cool Hello Kitty Lunchboxes grant any girl a cool way to carry their lunch in or even personal accessories instead of the much overused purse.

In one design, Hello Kitty has adapted to the Geek world by claiming that Hello Kitty loves Nerds. Even when Kitty calls out nerds, you cannot help but think it is just adorable.

In teh second design, Hello Kitty makes an appearance as we are already familiar with…an innocent, fun loving kitty.

Each of these are only $12.99, which could easily beat the price of a regular fashion purse with a brand name.

If you are way too geeky for lunchboxes but not for the kitty, then haveĀ  a look at the Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser or Hello Kitty Cameras.

cute hello kitty lunchbox design