20 Hi Tech Vacuum Cleaners

Geeks are known to be filthy and having the lowest hygiene. But this is an old story now. Geeks of today are smart, trendy, and cleanliness freaks. They know and understand the importance of cleanliness in life, and when it comes to their home or working place, they are extra careful. Don’t believe me? Well, I have proof.

The below mentioned geeky vacuum cleaners are surely inventions of some geeks, and, which also prove the point that they extremely love cleanliness. Take a look at these amazing vacuum cleaners, and you will understand what I am trying to prove over here.

Alessi Dustbuster

“Alessi Dustbuster” is a beautiful modern design vacuum cleaner, created by Italian designer Stefano Giovanonni. It is the most classic and trendy piece of cleaner. Its exquisite curves and black & white elegance are perfect to enhance your home décor.

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Trendy Portable and Colorful Vacuum Cleaner

In today’s fast life, we all want every gadget to be fast, trendy, and easy to use, be it microwave, washing machines, laptops, computers, or home theatre. If so, then why not make your vacuum cleaners smart and trendy. Here is “Trendy Portable and Colorful Vacuum Cleaner” which not only has got great looks but also makes your cleaning easy because of its cordless and practical design. These portable vacuum cleaners look sleek and are ideal for modern urban small spaces home or personal desks.

Neato Robotics Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning homes is a problem for most of us, especially with those huge and bulky vacuum cleaners. Now, no more using those large vacuum cleaners around and feeling dissatisfied at the cleaning ability, for the “Neato Robotics Vacuum Cleaner” is here. This vacuum cleaner working on laser technology will make you’re cleaning easy. It has got 360-degree viewing ability, which helps it to map your room including walls, furniture, and other aspects that are present in your room before beginning to clean, thereby allowing more free time to attend to other things while still maintaining a clean and sparkling home.

Mint Cleaning Robot

Now whenever you see that your house has become dirty, you don’t need to do anything in rush, just sit back, relax, and press the start button of this “Mint Vacuum Cleaner”. Mint is a smart robot floor cleaner for keeping your house spotless. Just place Swiffer brand cloth and Pledge underneath and start the cleaner. This compact machine is smart enough and knows the tracks where it has cleaned already. When the cleaning is complete the Mint returns to its starting place and turns off to save battery until you ask for new place to clean.

Black & Decker’s Vacuum Cleaner

This Vacuum Cleaner from Black & Decker’s is an energy efficient vacuum cleaner, and it comes with everything you need to get your smaller jobs done. This energy efficient and cordless, portable cleaner comes with a wall-mounted charging base.

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Ride the Vacuum

“Dyson Vacuum Cleaner” is the wackiest cleaner, and I know, you will agree with me after looking at the picture. The object designer Adam Alpine is trying to accomplish the principles of vacuum brand in a toy. In simple words, you can ride this vacuum cleaner and clean your house at the same time.

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Rideable Vacuum Cleaner

Now, even children can help their parents to clean the home with this “Rideable Vacuum Cleaner”. Designed by Kristina Andersson, this vacuum cleaner not only attracts adults, but also children while inspiring them in a way to help their parents. The children can ride on the vacuum cleaner and help out during cleaning and at the same time have fun.

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Dustpan Vacuum Cleaner

Sweeping the floor is an easy job to get done. Except that, once you are done with the sweeping, you have to struggle to get the finer stuff into the dustpan. No need to worry now, because the “Dustpan Vacuum Cleaner” will take care of it. It has got a small yet powerful vacuum in the handle that sucks up the dirt without you having to struggle to scoop it up.

Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

The All-In-One Robot cleaner is a stick vacuum cleaner, which is futuristic and easy to use. This slim and fashionable cleaner has got smooth curves and comes in bright black and yellow color. This cleaner has got one more cleaner in it which separates and connects to the main body through rail. The robotic cleaner slides out of the main body for cleaning, and because its own motor can be used at the same time with the stick vacuum cleaner. The small and slim robotic cleaner can easily get into narrow spaces or small corners around your home.

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Eclipse Vacuum Cleaner

Designed by Erik Andershed, this “Eclipse Vacuum Cleaner” is well designed and unique in its feature. Eclipse vacuum cleaner has got incorporated sensor-controlled navigation, which allows it to automatically move around obstacles, and its unique feature enables the cleaner to follow you around as you clean.

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BacVac Vacuum Cleaner

Ever imagined of carrying your vacuum cleaner on your back while cleaning? No, I’m not crazy. Take a look at these “BacVac Vacuum Cleaners” which come with Fuel Cell Vacuum and are very handy to use. The fuel cell can be refilled with readily obtainable ethanol. This vacuum cleaner concept makes use of a backpack style, which slung over your shoulders giving it a chic look. The ergonomically engineered backpack is easy and lightweight, and have got unique ambidextrous switches.

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Ella Vacuum Cleaner

Bored of your normal looking vacuum cleaners?  Want something which looks different, and will do your cleaning efficiently? Then “Ella Vacuum Cleaner” designed by Drew Hajduk, is a great option for you. Ella is a playful character that baffles people who underestimate it for not cleaning proficiently with the functionality. It’s like a cute funny character, which will bring smile to your face while cleaning.

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Nike Hockey Vacuum Cleaner

Do you like playing hockey? Now, you don’t need big playgrounds to play hockey for you can play at your place while cleaning your house. You don’t believe me, then take a look at this “Nike Floor Hockey Cleaning Set” which is inspired by the hockey stick and goal. Every time you shoot dust, dirt and garbage items in the stationary vacuum net through the broom cum hockey stick, you will get that sporty kick. With this vacuum cleaner, you will enjoy cleaning your home.

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Taibu Vacuum Cleaner

There is a saying that, “good things come in small packages” and it’s so true with this “Taibu Vacuum Cleaner”, which comes in round shape. It is small, good looking powerhouse which is easy to use and store. One word which comes to mind after seeing this is – cute!

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R2-D2 Vacuum Cleaner

Here is yet another gadget inspired from Star Wars movies, “R2-D2 Vacuum Cleaner.” That’s right, a vacuum cleaner of R2-D2 which is widely known as brave and lovable astromech droid, featured in every single Star Wars movie. Now, you can have your favorite Star Wars character help to vacuum your house.

Innovative Vacuum Cleaners

Are you bored of using your old fashioned vacuum cleaner to clean your mess around your home? Now, it’s time to cheer up with these two cute looking gadgets called “Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner,” and its miniaturized partner in pink called “Desktop Hetty Vacuum Cleaner.” These vacuum cleaners will not only clean your home, but will also cheer up your spirits. These cleaners are perfect to keep your home tidy and free of those crumbs that the little ones keep spilling all over.

Mini Hamburger and Popcorn Crumb Vacuum Cleaners

Every one of us often eat while working, and crib when we don’t have time and energy to clean up the crumbs and the mess from the desk. If this is your problem, get this cute-looking “Mini Hamburger and Popcorn Crumb Vacuum Cleaners” to clean up the mess with just a lazy movement of your hand. These are one touch battery operated cleaners, which can also suck crumbs from your car seats or floors. These cleaners look like real yummy food items themselves, and will look cuter on your working desk or dining table or kitchen tops.

Bugs Mini Vacuum Cleaner

“Bugs Mini Vacuum Cleaner” is a fun-filled way to keep your desk clean and hygienic. Just turn the switch on, and the bug takes care of everything from cleaning the dust to breadcrumbs, and other unwanted particles to give you a clean and hygienic work environment. When not in use, just keep this cute Bugs Mini Vacuum Cleaner on your desk as a decorative item.

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Mushroom Vacuum Cleaners

If you’re a gamer and love Mario then these Mushroom-shaped Vacuum Cleaners will remind you of those amazing arcade moments. These “Mushroom Vacuum Cleaners” are perfect to clean your mess, and will also look very cute and colorful on your dull boring desk.

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Roomba Pacman Vacuum Cleaner

Pacman is a famous game, favorite of most. If you’re a Pacman game fan, then get this cool-looking “Roomba Pacman Vacuum Cleaner” for your house. This cute character from Pacman will not only clean your house, but will also bring smile on your face every time you see them cleaning your house.