Decorate your fridge with the iPhone App Magnets

Are you looking to decorate your fridge with some innovative ideas? If yes, how about turning it into a giant iPhone?


Well, you don’t need to bring some tech geek to get behind all the wiring and change your fridge into the iPhone. All that you need is to bring home some cool app magnets that resemble your favorite apps, and put them on your fridge. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?


Whether you are a wannabe iPhone owner or already have your own iPhone, the set of app magnets having 18 magnets in total and costing $12.99 is surely a good investment to have some fun. Sticking these magnets – all of them or a select few, will surely make your fridge look like the coolest gadget in the neighborhood, especially if you have a black colored one.


To make your purchase a bit funnier, these magnets come packaged in a blister pack that actually resembles an iPhone!

So, get one set of these cool app magnets for yourself today and stick them on your fridge or wherever you want to and look forward to some geeky fun. You can check out the Eudora and the Wood stump furniture for some more fun ideas for your interiors.