iPhone Cake is Geeky Yet Cool

There are a lot of pictures of cakes floating around on the Internet, but this iPhone cake really made me stop and have another look. It may not be as fancy as this Prom Dress Cake, or even as well executed, but there is definitely something about it that catches the eye, and makes you want to have a slice.

cool iphoen cake design

If I wanted to, I could pick out a million flaws in this cake, like the fact that the whole thing is brown, it doesn’t really look like an iPhone unless you are really imaginative, the cake isn’t very neatly made and I’m really not very sure about that weird frilly thing underneath the cake, but at the end of the day, a cake is a cake. It is something that people are going to eat, and they’re going to enjoy eating it. The fact that this cake is a bit flawed makes it somehow endearing. It also tells most amateur bakers around the world that they don’t need to be shy to experiment and maybe even try and make themselves an iPhone cake. Who knows, your cake could look and taste better than this one.

Via: Geek Sugar