Light Up Your Rainy Nights With The LED Umbrella

Rainy days have a charm of their own and you can spend hours sitting at the window watching the water make temporary rivers along your street, not to mention the absolute fun that kids have splashing around in puddles. All that sounds really nice and romantic until you have to step out into the rain are drenched horribly all the way to your t-bone.

cool led light umbrella

Of course, that’s what umbrellas were made for, you say, but even though umbrellas protect you from the rain they don’t make you visible to the guy passing buy in his car and accidentally splashes dirty puddle water all over you. The LED Umbrella could have protected you from that sad incident. This futuristic umbrella is fitted with Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and will provide you with eternal light since it is powered by the Force. Okay, I just made that up, but the shaft of the umbrella does light up making sure that all the half-blind people on the road can still see you clearly on deathly dark rainy nights.

The LED Umbrella costs $25 at and you can opt for a black one with the white-light shaft or a colorful red one that lights up in red. Make your choice and chase away the gloom! Also, if you want to protect your shoes in the rain, then the Shoe Umbrellas are a wonderful solution.

cool led umbrella design