Colorful Luxeed Pixel LED Keyboard

color led computer keyboard

The Pixel LED Keyboard is an amazingly colorful computer keyboard that has so many bright colors shining at you as you sit in front of your computer. It is a great change from dull and monotone keyboards we usually see, and although the Pink keyboard would make girls happy…this one could easily keep them occupied with excitement.

The Pixel LED computer keyboard consists of 430 LEDs which allows for each to light up individually to provide the color of your choice. There are other colorful features as a rainbow keyboard display or keys lighting up when pressed. Moreover, you can create your own custom skins for the kyboard to be used during specific games or actions.

If you wanted more color choice, the Luxeed keyboard comes in either black or white. The white version also has a semi-transparent look and light up brighter while the black keyboard’s style allows letters to light up alone.

So many colors, so many choice…it is hard to make a decision. Either way, the Luxeed keyboards cost $149.99 at