Matryoshka Dolls Makes A Comeback as Icons!

The Russia’s most popular Matryoshka doll popularly also known as Nesting Doll has kept reinventing through time and various cultures. Now Matryoshka has made a comeback as screen icons. Ben Schlitter has created these awesome icons.

cool russian matryoshka dolls icons

Matyoshka Nesting dolls also symbolize fertility and motherhood. One can celebrate ultimate feminine power by using these icons for music, pictures, leisure and other folders that one creates to store important songs, pictures and other files. It sometimes does become important to assert one’s identity by being different. So by using different thoughtful and creative icons you can make a beginning.

Let the Russian Dolls guide you to the ultimate secret of power of creativity, as the traditional dolls usually hide another doll within, which again nests another within her and so on. All dolls look different and are so in character but they are all equally confident and beautiful. so let these desktop icons be your different creative alters hiding within you and these icons will subtly keep reminding you of your strength and power.

Those of you who are interested in prints of these icons can check out Etsy. Nesting doll fans will surely love to see Russian Nesting Doll Designer Handbag and the intriguing and Non Traditional Russian Nesting Dolls.