Mew Pokemon Hoodie Looks Cute!

Pokemon enjoys cult status among young and old and the mysterious Mew Pokemon has a great role to play in the success of the Pokemon. Cat lovers and fans of psychic Mew Pokemon will love this Mew Pokemon Hoodie which comes with naughty expression and even tail of the cat at the back. One just needs to slip into this hoodie to get transformed into Mew Pokemon.

mew pokemon hoodie costume

There are very few gaming, cartoon characters which become a global rage and no doubt Mew Pokemon is one of them.  Maybe it’s the mystery or the intrigue factor with added cuteness that makes this feline creature so popular. Of course cats always have a mind of their own and this mysterious psychic element has inspired fictional characters like Cheshire cat or Mew Pokemon.

Mew Pokemon hoodie has been created by Animeisha who unfortunately is not taking orders now but one can keep in touch with designer and wait till Mew Pokemon Hoodies go on sale again. This one is worth the entire wait. The hoodie is made of anti-pill fleece with big embroidered eyes and plush ears and it has cute detachable tail at the back. If you are quite a hoodie person then check out this Geeky Soft Shell iPod Hoodie and if you are gaming fan then take a look at  Stylish Pacman Scarf.