Elongated Monotea Teapot Design Is Unique and Innovative

One of the early nursery rhymes that everyone learns is about a teapot which is fat and stout with a handle and a spout.  Over the centuries much has changed except for the popularity of tea, teapots, and this rhyme all over the globe.

Here is a unique elongated Monotea teapot design by Raphael Morais which gives a unique makeover to the good old teapots.  It certainly looks tall and elegant compared to the bulging teapots and may find many modern buyers who love slim and slender stuff.

monotea teapot design1

It is interesting to see modern designers completely rebelling against the old concept and creating contrasting designs. Tall and narrow teapot is exactly opposite to fat and round one and may not find place in traditional tea lover homes. One of the worrying factors would be the volume of the teapot because bulge creates an illusion of extra volume and more tea. Be assured tall narrow teapots with small slender spouts will hold same amount of water and technically there may not be much difference.

monotea teapot design2

Good tea making is an art and there must be some reason as to why fat and stout teapots have been in vogue for centuries.  Of course there should be room for new designs and innovations and I am sure modern geeks will love these tall, slender tea pots which come in two neat black and white colors.

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