Multipurpose Puppo Chair Can be Converted into a Table, Footrest, and Storage Space

21st century can be safely termed as the age of “many-in-one”. We are simply not happy with a product that serves just one function because we want more from everything. A phone is also a camera, video recorder; Mp3 player etc. an alarm clock is also an FM radio; ovens are also a grill and toasters, so on and so forth.

There are many instances such as the ones mentioned which clearly indicate our need to have more from every product. So when everything offers to be much more than what it is supposed to be, why should a chair be left behind? And this is exactly the point Mladen Milosevic and Vuk Dragovik have tried to prove with their Puppo chair design.

The Puppo chair is a compact form of a chair which can be converted into a table, footrest and also storage space. Ideal for people who have limited space in their homes and wish do a lot more with that small space. With smart design and pleasing looks, Puppo can be a little charmer which can brighten up any area. Since it takes up very little room, places like offices and dorms can efficiently use the Puppo chair without crowding up the place.

Puppo Chair 1

Puppo Chair 4

With just a few adjustments and changes the chair magically transforms into a table and a footrest. The backrest of the chair is pushed forward and then rotated to change the chair into a table. The space below the seat of the chair can be used for storing things. The design and looks are simple yet charming which make the chair not only useful as a multi-tasking device but also a great thing to decorate the interiors with. So now you not only have a table and storage space but also can boast about beautiful interiors thanks to Puppo. And because its design allows it to become quite compact, it can be easily shifted from one place to another.

Puppo Chair 2

Milosevic and Dragovic’s design is a great idea for saving on the storage space, but comfort is something that can be a problem with Puppo chair. Since it is made of plastic and has no armrests, sitting on it for longer time periods can induce back-aches or discomfort. Also the storage area is just one big space without any shelves and columns so the things that are stored can become disorganized. Puppo is a great concept for smaller spaces or for people who are looking for something more from a chair, but its usability in everyday life remains to be seen.

Puppo Chair 3

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