The New Negative Watch Design from Tokyoflash

You would wonder why Tokyoflash would call their new series of watches ‘Negative’, but upholding their reputation in establishing variety in watch designs, this new series is so named because it displays time in negative space, that is, the unlit portion of the watch tell depict time, simple and intelligent isn’t it? Have fun figuring out what time it is on the pictures below…

negative tokyoflash

negative watch
With a Liquid Crystal display, Negative is a watch which can be worn with any sort of dressing, casuals or formals, you can be sure that it will fit in! Negative comes in two colors silver and polished black, with a solid stainless steel band and multi color LED light guide. It is available directly from Tokyoflash for just under $187 . If you are interested in varied watch designs you can also check out this Poptone Cubic Puzzle watch from Tokyoflash, it might interest you.