New Bathroom Tiles Design Lights Up Your Room!

Our environment and our surroundings make a lot of difference to our moods, our personality and our everyday lives. Bright, cheerful surroundings, wherever that may be, brightens up our lives each day, and gives us an opportunity to be creative.

billie jean tile

This collection of Billie Jean Bathroom tiles and lights, do the same. Inspired by Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean video, which has the sidewalks that light up as he dances on, these Billie Jean tiles can be made to do the same – light up your bathroom tiles.

bulb tile

Billie Jean tiles designed by Henrik Amberla uses a bulb to symbolize light, and uses new age compact fluorescent lamp behind it, embedded into the wall, to actually provide the light. As a result you have this exclusive look on the walls of your bathroom. You can use these tiles as such, or actually have them lit up like it has been suggested by the designer.

bulbs arrangedtiles lit

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tiles arrangedtiles on wall