A Humidifier Inspired by Old Kettles

We humans do become nostalgic from time to time about certain things in life. A friend of mine once told me she gets very attached to inanimate objects and materialistic things, so she cannot let go of a lot of her old stuff, and if she has to she tries to find and buy the same again. This Mint Humidifier design from Mintpass which was inspired by old kettles also falls in the same category.


Old kettles and their place in different cultures inspired the idea of this Kettle like Mint Humidifier. This Mint Humidifier produces cold and smoggy steam and has a lid on top just like normal kettles do. It is advised not to get too nostalgic and forget to leave the humidifier safely away from you while you get into bed, or you might end up with a lot of moisture in your bed. But this Mint Humidifier does show that it is much more than a kettle replica, take a look at the range of colors that you can choose from…

humidifier colors

humidifier 2

humidifier parts

in the bedroom

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old kettles