Dress Up This Christmas With PolyPhotonix OLED Dress Design

PolyPhotonix OLED Dress(1)

Are you planning for the coming Christmas party and want to try something new and exciting? Believe me, this new Christmas dress is going to make you the main attraction of the Christmas Eve and make your celebration memorable. So why not make this Christmas memorable with this PolyPhotonix OLED dress.

PolyPhotonix OLED Dress(2)

This polymer based OLED dress is made by UK’s PolyPhotonix and designed by Gareth Pugh using super flexible OLED panels and solar cells. This amazing dress is made out of a special type of fabric coated with a thin and flexible layer of OLED film. The long life solar cells used in the dress are of very low cost and helps to keep the dress lit up so that you can be the heart of the celebration even in the dark. The PolyPhotonix OLED dress is an ultimate step in the world of fashion and creativity, which has proved that OLED displays can be used out of consumer electronics also and implemented into the world of creativity and fashion.

The PolyPhotonix OLED dress is an interesting introduction into the fashion industry that has the taste of high-end technology blended with the great imagination. With the unveiling of this OLED dress design, it seems we can very well expect an OLED wedding dress soon or OLED powered clothing especially for the services that are held at night.

Via: [Techchee]