The Pacman Purse To Bring Out Your Inner Geek

Presenting the Pacman Purse which is a truly wonderful innovation for all you gamer-chicks out there. It is obvious that most people my age who play video games have, at one time or another have played with Pacman, and most of us were completely addicted to it. The Pacman Purse is designed with all of you in mind (should I have said us?)

new pacman game purse

This purse by Pomely Grove is the perfect accessory for all of you who love Pacman, and along with the Geeky Fashion, you would definitely be considered a walking and fashionable geek.

Although the front of this bag is geeky, the insides and the back are perfectly ordinary, and even has a fleece interface according to the creator. The whole thing isn’t very big, being only 7″ high and 10″ wide, but it would is perfect for everyday use, and would fit most people’s needs.

cool pacman purse

I love the polka dotted insides of the bag, and the best part is that these bags are all made to order, with the Pacman applique work adding the final touches. I’m not sure if you can add more ghosts and a few more dots to make it look just like the game, but then again this is pretty cool as it is. The best part about the purse is that it costs only $30, which IMHO is quite cheap for something so cool.

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Height: 7″
Width: 10″
Depth: 3″
Strap: 1 1/2″ wide and 23″ long