Pacman Tie Will Prove Your Gaming Allegiance!

The Pacman Tie shows how a piece of vintage stripped tie can be converted into a Pacman souvenir by means of an appliqué concept. Here the vinyl stickers of Pacman and the accompanying Ghosts are fixed along the length of the Tie. The yellow color particular spells vibrancy for the whole thing.


Well, appliqué art when done cleverly can definitely add a zing to boring apparels or accessories. A tie which is probably way too obsolete to be worn around in office can now spice up your party outfits. Your workplace isn’t the best place to wear around such stuff, but trying something out-of-the-box is definitely in for parties. Celebrities in the tinsel town of fashion do that always so why should we hold ourselves from doing this! Also, it lets other know that child inside you, who would trade anything for playing Pacman, is still alive.


It can be bought for $18 bucks and Etsy has a scheme for levying extra charges for shipping which goes up to $3. For more interesting apparels and accessories, check out the LED Galaxy Dress, the Pacman Purse and the PolyPhotonix OLED Designer Dress.