Paper Darwin Chair with Multiple Cover Design Pages Is Futuristic

Thanks to technology and immediate environmental concerns we are witnessing rare and innovative designs of furniture and home décor items which are extremely futuristic. We all love to give makeover to our homes but changing furniture and decor do weigh a lot on wallet and green conscience.  Here is an amazing “Darwin Chair” which is essentially extremely minimalist in structure but offers nearly 200 cover design pages and all that one has to do is to flip over the paper to reveal  a new intricate pattern.

futuristic darwin chair design

The Darwin Chair design has been created New York based graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister for the dutch design company droog.  This chair design is extremely futuristic because it is made of simple swinging structure and 200 printed sheets of Tyvek, which is essentially recyclable, light weight and durable paper-like fabric created by Dupont.

futuristic darwin chair design1

Best part is all 200 prints are abstract designs with human evolution as a theme and each flipped page adds as headrest.  So the chair actually evolves through creation of universe to human life and of course the intricate graphic designs tell amazing tale of digital revolution too.

In the present context of economic recession and extreme environmental degradation it seems only such innovative modern furniture design can restrict us from being wasteful without compromising on home décor.

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Via Inhabitat