Cook the Perfect Pasta with this Perfect Pasta Timer

If you have always messed cooking your favorite pasta just the way you would like it to be, here’s help for you. Try this pasta timer that not only lets you have the noodles cooked in the right shape but even allows you to know how much of the cooking has been done, so that you can finally enjoy the pasta cooked to your preferred taste.

perfect pasta timer

Measuring 9 1/2″ in length and having a 2 1/4″ diameter, this Pasta Timer comes with a replaceable battery and costs $39.95. Thanks to the LCD control panel of this Pasta Timer, you can now take your pick from the ten most common shapes of pasta, input the amount (in portions of 1/2, 1/5, or 1 lb.), and choose regular or al dente. Based on your chosen variables, this device sets its timer and sounds a beep to let you know that the pasta is cooked and ready to be savored.

You can clip the timer to the side of your cooking pot. It has a 8 1/2″ probe that monitors the temperature of the water and lets you know when the water reaches the most favorable temperature for cooking pasta. Since the LCD panel can be removed easily, you can wash the probe in a dishwasher.

So, enjoy your delicious pasta cooked to your preferred taste with this Pasta Timer. For some other kitchen gadgets, check out the twister fork design and the Pastasauras Pasta server.