Periodic Table Cutting Board

If you consider yourself as a geeky gal and just love food, this next cutting board is perfect for you!

This cutting board is truly a epic kitchen geekery that will geekup any kitchen and makes the perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of science. This specific design of the periodic table is completely functional and includes the atomic symbol, atomic mass, name and element number for each cell.

Periodic Table Cutting Board
The cutting board is available in 4 different wood colors, as seen in the picture below:

  • Maple (light color, subtle grain – very hard/ resilient wood)
  • White Oak (medium color, strong grain – very hard/ resilient wood)
  • Beech (medium color, subtle grain – medium hardness/less resilient)
  • Walnut (rich dark color, strong grain – medium hardness/less resilient)

Periodic Table Cutting Board  2

The cutting board measures 12” x 16” and available for $45.00Periodic Table Cutting Board  1

Via Gizmodiva