Pet High Chair Lets your Dog Join you at the Dinner Table

Bringing a pet in the house is nothing less than extending your family. We know that it is a traditional custom to have all the family members on the table during time for it helps in bonding. For obvious reasons, it isn’t possible to have your dog sit next to you on the chair and dig into his bone. The Pet High Chair was born out of the very need to having a complete dinner experience with your pet.

Pet High Chair

Bearing an obvious resemblance to a baby pet chair, this one clamps to a table to 2″ thick with the dog seated on a nylon fabric seat. To help it eat from the table, the dog is gently restrained by two tethers.  The sellers, Hammacher Schlemmer believe that this seat will help in imbibing a refined social behavior in dog for it is a better alternative to letting your dog sit on your lap.

It also does away with need of outright banishment of your pet to some corner or room when the family dinner is going on. The chair is ideal for all those who really consider their pet as an important part of their family. The foldable chair is portable and storage convenient too. Available at just $50, I don’t think it is much to ask for given the kind of benefits this one offers. For more on pet related gadgets, check out the Cool Birdhouse Design, Ellipse Bed for Pets and Innovative Cat Play House.