HP Mini 110 Netbook now available in Pink and White with additional features

The new HP Mini 110 Netbook, which comes with Windows XP as the operating system is now available in pink and white, which makes it more eligible to be chosen by the ladies. Though one has to make a note, that with the exception of the choices in color, there is nothing else that makes it a netbook to be preferred by us except the Women Laptop Designs we seen before.

hp mini 110 netbook

The HP Mini 110 is an upgrade to the HP Mini 1000 netbook, and the features that have been upgraded are the Hard Drive and a Broadcom Crystal HD Enhanced video accelerator, that has been added to it. The catch is like some of those branded netbooks and notebooks out there, the ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre software has to be used to take advance of the video enhancer.

hp mini 100 netbook laptop

Unfortunately, there are no other upgrades, just that, the net HP Mini 110 netbook has gained weight and size, in comparison to the older version, but also has enhanced the looks by blending the battery more into the netbook. Just like any other notebook, or netbook enhancement add-ons are available at addtional cost. Although the standard black version costs $330, only a change of look does not guarantee increase in popularity with the ladies for this netbook, there has to be that additional magic, what say?

hp mini netbook 110

Via: nexus404 and  jkontherun