Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger Shirt Has Girl Power

I can’t help but feel old when I think about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It seems like only yesterday I came home from school to see our ridiculously costumed superheroes fighting in a flurry of sparks and bad special effects. The popularity of the show spawned a number of movies that shockingly made it to actual theatres. While the mainstream popularity of the show has died down a bit since its peak, there are still plenty of fans out there. For ladies, you don’t get much better than this Pink Ranger Shirt, which appropriately states “I Make Boys Cry.”

The shirt is white and constructed from 100% cotton. If the measure of softness is important to you, the shirt clocks in at “Medium.” Now you can harness all the power of the Mighty Pink Ranger in tee shirt format. The distressed design gives it a more rugged look, and reinforces the fact that yes, you do in fact make boys cry. I think it would make a great gift for any tomboys out there that like to show off their toughness. A couple more color options wouldn’t go astray, though, especially considering that the shirt’s price comes in at$24.00. That is a pretty high price for your average tee-shirt, so less than hardcore power ranger fans need not apply.

If girls with serious firepower sounds like it’d be right up your alley, we can help you out here on Gadgether. This pink Gundam robot is decked out to the nines both with a huge gun as well as sparkling flare. You also can’t get much tougher than a Hello Kitty Chainsaw, although why someone would create such a contraption is beyond me.