Blooming All Around: Plastic Chairs Look Like Giant Flowers

Ergonomic meets pretty in this collection of chairs meant for public space, created by designer Marco Manders.

Flower chairs 2

These are called Tulpi chairs, and were created by Marco Manders, who obtained the recognition and a special prize at the Dutch Design Week of 2011. By now, the product has been adopted by a lot of centres around the world, and can be enjoyed in a multiplicity of parks all over the globe.

Flower chairs

The idea goes as follows: a colourful pod opens and closes onto itself, providing an ergonomic seat that also looks like a tulip, striking the perfect balance between comfort and an aesthetically pleasing design for open spaces. Also, the chair remains closed when no one’s sitting on them, keeping it clean for whenever the next passer-by requires a seat. So thoughtful!

Source: PSFK

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