Trendy Portable and Colorful Vacuum Cleaner Design for Modern Homes

Modern homes have many essential trendy electronic goods starting from microwave, washing machines to laptop, computers, home theatre etc.  But most essential for any home is a vacuum cleaner to take care of all dusting and cleaning.

Old vacuum cleaners were big noisy sucking machines, but with time more sophisticated and portable versions have evolved. Here are cordless portable vacuum cleaners designed by Max Germano. They seem to be trendy and easy to handle gadgets.

portable vacuum cleaner2

These portable vacuum cleaners look sleek and are ideal for modern urban small spaces and personal desks. Details are not available about their performance and charging mechanism but at one glance they look very awesome and a must-have accessory.  The color combination for the finish of the product is perfect.

portable vacuum cleaner2

The detail product sketch does reveal that this hand held gadget can really suck in all annoying layers of dust from any surface. Best aspect is it’s cordless so one need not worry about long cord following it everywhere.

portable vacuum cleaner3

This gadget will make life easy and clean for many geeks who don’t have time for spring cleaning; regular light vacuuming will take care of all cleaning worries. Many modern geeks will love this hand held vacuum cleaner but this is just a design and one can get in touch with the designer for product cost and availability.

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