Razorblade Design a New One for a Mirror

Mirrors come in various shapes, such as round,oblong or even square, but none as interesting as this one, shaped like a razor blade and becoming a cool and chic Bathroom mirror.

The mirror is really cool and would look amazing on your wall, especially if your going to use it as the image shows. It has cool writings on it and is cut to look exactly like a razor blade, especially when it is shines properly. Moreover, the words sweeny todd and ever appealing are printed right on the Razor Blade mirror and most definitely apt words to be put on a mirror, that you would use everyday to make yourself look better and forever appealing.

razorblade mirror design

Every ridge of the mirror is very real, but could of course prove to be very difficult to clean and maintain, as these very ridges could accumulate dust if not cleaned regularly and properly.

It measures 27.5″ in its width and 15″ in its height and this amazing and totally whacko mirror can be bought for $289 and will be shipped to you free of cost anywhere in the United states or Canada.

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