Very Cool Redbull Can Hello Kitty Magnets

Most people love Hello Kitty, and almost everyone loves Redbull, so this recycled Redbull can made into a Hello Kitty magnet is definitely something that everyone will love whether they are four years old or they are forty.

redbull hello kitty magnet

I just love how the artistpays so much attention to detail, I mean this Redbull Hello Kitty every has whiskers and a bow on its head. Since its made from a Redbull can, it even has “wings to fly”! How much cooler can it get? Seriously!

The Hello Kitty magnet is available from FunkyJunq‘s etsy shop, and it’s a fairly big magnet with dimensions of around 4″x3.5″. Just like the previous recycled (or upcycled as the artist puts it) Hello Kitty necklaces that we featured, these too do are priced at a very reasonable $4 per magnet. The only difference is that you can’t wear these magnets, but I’m sure they will make a great conversation piece when they are stuck on your fridge. These magnets would also make a great gift to someone who like redbull and (or) Hello Kitty.