Samsonite’s Strolley Makes Traveling with Babies Easier

Castiglionemorellidesign along with Rafael Vinader Balibre developed an innovative design for a travel suitcase combined with a baby stroller, for a Samsonite Competition, under the theme of designing a product in relation to traveling with babies and toddlers, and they won an award for it.

samsonite bags

Strolley is a travel suitcase, a smart looking one at that and it also functions as a foldaway baby stroller. The side of the strolley opens into a baby stroller, that allows you to carry babies around comfortably while managing your luggage at the same time. Take a look at this diagrammatic illustration which shows you all the different ways the strolley can be folded…

samsonie baby bags

It is amazing when such simple things are thought of, designed and put into production which makes the consumers life a lot more easier. Think of it how many bags would you have really bought and packed every time you had to a long trip? And when you have to carry a baby along then you definitely need a separate bag for its stuff, while juggling with handling the baby. Now, at least with Strolley around you do not have to worry about handling the baby.

samsonite baby strolley

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