Saphon – Gift Wrapped Kitchenware

Someone has rightly said, ‘Appearance rules the world.’ A very well-dressed person automatically attracts attention.

The same can be said about consumer goods in these days of tough competition. And this fact has been very intelligently understood and aptly applied by Louisa Baldock in the new range of Saphon Kitchenware.

Kitchenware is widely used in all homes but what can be so attractive about one that you have chosen it above the rest? The first thing, without doubt, that strikes a note is its appearance. When out shopping, how many times do you stop by to look at something shabbily packed? Rarely! When the same product is wrapped up beautifully in a colorful package, with well-labeled information, it is sure to have heads turning in its direction. The latest range of products from Saphon Kitchenware has been definitely given an attractive ‘clothing’.

Three products – a cooking pot, a spatula and a segment cutting blade – have been packed in cool eye pleasing colors of light green and white. Large portions of the product carry the black color that makes a very attractive color combination. The portions of white space highlight the other colors and instantly call for attention.

The cooking pot has a labeled black cover which is green from the inside. It has a terrycloth material in the interior and a breathable outer covering. The spatula is carefully packed in a transparent cover with a green backdrop. The black handle and shining material of the spatula make the product standout. The last product is the segment cutting blade. With due consideration to the fact that an open blade can cause damage, a cover has been provided. The blade, with the cover, is packed in a green box with only the front being white. A small peeping space has been provided in one corner of the box to enable the customer to get a view of the product.

Anyone working with consumer goods would vouch for the fact that attractively packed goods score more than unappealing packages. We all appreciate beautiful things so why not in the case of kitchenware also. Who would not want to have a good looking kitchen with adorable pieces of utensils? With good looking kitchenware, cooking too becomes a pleasure. Designer Baldock has made every effort to give the goods an appealing look because food cooked in a happy mood tastes good too.

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