Sesame Street Deluxe Chess Set

Sesame Street is one of the most-viewed and long cherished American TV series for children that brought education and entertainment beautifully through its Muppet characters. There were lessons of English and Maths, basic life skills like proper hygiene and how to cross the road, and harsh yet real-world situations like death and divorce which would make it a wholesome experience for the child. Sababa Toys celebrates this very spirit by unleashing the Sesame Street Deluxe Chess Set with all theĀ  unique characters represented through the chess pieces.

Sesame street chess game

The product is more or less a replica of the Hello Kitty Chess Set, with a Tin container to hold its spares and its checkered bottom that doubles as a chessboard. Since its recommended for an age group of 8+, children will find it amazing to tackle this witty game with characters like Join Bert, Ernie, Grover, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and the King, Big Bird. This chess set is indeed mesmeric and a perfect gift for anyone who has grown up watching the 35 year old series. More so, it doesn’t even hurt one’s wallet for it comes for just $15.

Sesame street chess board