Sexy Geek Fashion That Will Make Gamers Drool

You may be a Gamer who loves Pacman, Super Mario, Tetris or even Space Invaders, but that doesn’t mean you are not interested in Sexy Fashion. Here is an awesome collection of Geeky fashion that is sexy as heck and could make gamers drool for the girls who wear them either because they are totally sexy or just overly Geeky.

Nintendo Fashion

NES Controller Bikini

sexy bikini of nes controller

A cool Nintendo Controller bikini that brings back the retro styled controller to sexy fashion. [source]

Nintendo Garter


With the colors to match the old NES, and a small NES Controller to add to the mix, this is a sexy Garter that no one can deny. [source]

Nintendo Controller Panties


This sexy set of panties will definitely want you to become a Nintendo geek and play games all day long. [source]

Super Mario Brothers Clothes

Super Mario Brothers Corset


Super Mario Bros. fans will surely this corset is a perfect outfit to get the game on. [source]

Super Mario Piranha Underwear


Geeks will eat their heart out with these underwear that bring the Piranha back to life. [source]

Super Mario Bros. Skirt



Gamer girls could really walk around with this Mario skirt holding their head up high, knowing that gamers will drool over it. [source1 and source2]

Super Mario Panties


Any girl would love to have another sexy pair of panties…especially if Super Mario is presented right out front. [source]

1Up Mushroom Scarf


Instead of playing the game for hours trying to generate 1Up mushrooms, you could walk around in style with a good amount of extra lives around your neck. [source]

Pacman Game Fashion

Ms. Pacman Top and Skirt


This is one of the sexiest ways Ms. Pacman has ever been with an amazingly sexy top and matching underwear, provided as a Halloween costume. [source]

Pacman Scarf and Hat


Pacman hits the streets again with a cool Fashion accessory to make geeky girls excited with a new colorful way to walk around during cold weather. [source]

Tetris Clothing

Tetris Skirt


Anyone who played the Tetris game with the colorful bricks could appreciate this artsy Tetris skirt with the puzzle sewn on. [source]

Tetris Scarf


On cold Winter nights, you could show how much of a geek you are by wearing the colorful Tetris scarf, making gamers envy you for such a Fashion sense. [source]

Other Video Game Fashion

Space Invaders T Shirt


Any retro gamer knows of Space Invaders, and this shirt will get double looks at the wearer for either fashion sense or geek acceptance. [source]

Zelda Corset


Link is making an appearance in a sexy corset for the geeks out there to be proud. Although the image reminds of the game, Link could have fashioned himself in a sexier way for Zelda. [source]

Mega Man Scarf


Displaying Mega Man along with the enemies recalled from Mega Man 2, this is a colorful scarf that will be stylish no matter if you are a geeky gamer or not. [source]