Smart Fridge Concept Can Cook Food For You

In this age of technology when ideas are pouring in from all quarters and in all streams of life, why leave out the kitchen and cooking appliances. Ashley Legg’s concept of a Smart Fridge, if turned to reality, can prove to be great boon to all those who are new to cooking, or are too pressed for time to cook, or plainly hate cooking but have to.

Though it is still in concept stage, the smart fridge won’t take long before turning into a reality, similar to many other gadgets that have been extracted from fiction and pushed into our daily lives. Conceptualized by Ashley Legg, the visual impressions of the gadget have been done by Yanko Designs.

Smart Fridge 1

Purposes of the smart fridge are quite a few: track the ingredients available inside it, make a menu list of all that can be prepared with the available ingredients, and give a step-by-step instruction of the dish being prepared. The Smart Fridge also tells you when you are running low on a particular ingredient. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Let us see how this is supposed to work.

Smart Fridge 2

The glass looking front of the fridge is in fact an electro chromic panel. This means that at the press of a button the front can change from opaque to transparent and vice verse. It is this front that acts as an interface for you. All that you need to do is stock up this smart refrigerator with the ingredients that can be required over a time period. Using the front door interface, you ‘tell’ your fridge all that you have entered.

Smart Fridge 3

When it is time to prepare a meal simply use the interface to ‘ask’ the fridge all that can be prepared using what is available. With a digital eye the ingredients are quickly scanned and a menu is displayed. Now it is up to you to decide what to cook. Do not worry about the process, just go ahead and make up your mind. Once decided, ‘inform’ the fridge about your decision and let Smart Fridge guide you through the process. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions and your meal is ready. Cooking could not have been simpler.

Smart Fridge 6

The concept is great and the design looks awesome but there is a downside of this entire idea. Cooking need not necessarily involve ingredients only from a fridge. In fact almost all preparations call for some kind of seasoning and flavoring, i.e. either sugar or salt is required. Such ingredients are not stored in the fridge. In the absence of these ingredients will the fridge be able to prepare a menu of possible meals? Probably the brains behind this concept will give a thought to this side of cooking and come up with a solution. Till then we can admire the concept and wait for its arrival.

Smart Fridge 7

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Via: thedesignblog