Solve Puzzles While Cooking : Piece It Together Cutting Boards

Who says cooking is a boring activity? In fact, there are many people who consider it to be a stress buster. The more you enjoy cooking, the better you cook. The end result is bound to be awesome. One important factor that makes cooking all the more fun and relaxing is the equipment used. Lovely looking utensils and cutlery put the zing into it. Now consider this ‘Piece It Together Cutting Boards’. It is not only a cutting board but a puzzle for you too.

These two pieces of puzzles are not going to make your cooking sessions any bit puzzling to you. Rather they are going to make things simpler. The pack of cutting boards contains two pieces which can either be used individually or together. Shaped like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, both the boards can be interlocked and used as one entity. This is really some piece of fun in the kitchen.

The ‘Piece It Together Cutting Boards’, when placed together, measures 12 X 9 inches in size giving you ample space for chopping, and slicing your veggies, fruits, cheese, or just about any item. Since they are wood, you need not worry about them slipping off. The board priced at $31.99, has a firm grip on the surface as well as on the knife.

The boards are made from acacia wood that makes an excellent material for a cutting board. Though they are perfectly safe in a dishwasher, a little extra care would be advisable. Adopt a couple of care-taking steps and see your boards looking like new always.

Before you use the board, season it with some food grade mineral oil. The wood being porous easily absorbs the oil. Using a clean cloth, apply oil in the direction of the grain. Allow it to sit for a couple of hours and apply a second round. Wash off the extra oil after a couple of minutes. To prevent the wood from drying out due to regular use, oil the board at an interval of a few days.

Use hot water with mild soap in washing the board. Never submerge it in water. For tough stains, apply a coat of salt and let it sit for some time. Using a damp sponge, apply a little pressure and clean the stained area. Repeat if it does not take away the stain in one wash. To do away with odors, apply a little lemon juice to the board.

Allow the board to dry thoroughly after every wash. Take care of your jigsaw and it will help you solve your cooking puzzles.

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Via: ModCloth