The Sorapot: Tea-Drinkers Around The World, Rejoice!

You may not be much of a tea drinker. You may even be such a caffeine addict to such a degree that the word “Tea” incites snorts and groans! Whatever the case, no one can deny that the Sorapot, which is a teapot as the name suggests is incredibly stunning to look at!

The Sorapot

Designed by Joey Roth, his vision The Sorapot, fulfills his need for sustainability and there are two kinds available: Brushed at just $200 which reflects light very subtly on its matte surface, thereby accentuating the artistic geometry of its architectural shape or Mirror Polished at just $250, which means that it is hand-polished to perfection and will be well accentuated by darker teas and natural light! Made from 304 pure stainless steel, borosilicate glass (Pyrex) and food-grade silicone, its components don’t affect the tea’s flavor. The Sorapot also comes with a beautiful teacup and breaks free of the traditional tea-pots that we are accustomed to using. The best way to describe this modern tea-pot is by comparing it to fine wine, because like fine wine, it gets even better as it ages, by developing a gorgeous sheen based on how it is held and cleaned. Also, unlike regular tea-pots which confine tea leaves, the Sorapot’s interiors allow the tea-leaves to mesmerizingly unfurl while turning hot water into tea. For some more fun the Fan Shaped Ice Cream Cone is also one to look out for along with the Absinthe Fountain Set.

The Sorapot 2
The Sorapot 3

Sorapot’s packaging is made from recycled-cardboard and molded paper-pulp in keeping with its natural look. It’s reasonably priced and let’s face it, drinking tea has never been this stylish!