Steampunk and a Goth Wedding Cake – True Delights for Steampunks and Goths

Subcultures and genres never become passé for they always return and remain in vogue as retro fashion. Steampunk too has its own set of fans and followers who would eat, wear, sleep, and work in brown, bronze and other metallic shades and hues.  Here is an amazing Steampunk Wedding Cake for geeks who are retro in taste and are truly pledged steampunks. This cake along with the Goth inspired one below were created for a Television show by The Steampunk Workshop.

steam punk wedding cake1

steam punk wedding cake2

The corset and cogs design with flowers, gears, screws, nuts, bolts looks so perfect – metallic with textile feel – this should make geek couple pause and behold its beauty before cutting it and will certainly make guests think twice before taking a bite.  The back of the cake is perfect like back of a neat corset and it gives cake a Victorian era feel, the era in which steampunk is deeply rooted.  The Gothic one too is dark, intense and awe-inspiring.

steam punk wedding cake3

So if you are planning for an elaborate wedding which you want your family and friends to remember for days and months then do plan either a Steampunk Wedding Cake or a Gothic one (also check out this other Geeky Steampunk Wedding Cake or a Tetris Wedding Cake), you and your wedding will surely stand out in character and content!

steam punk goth wedding cake

Via The Steampunk Workshop