Tech Scarf is a Ridiculous Way Of Maintaining Privacy

Are you a tech addict and looking for some privacy with your desktop? Do you want to stay alone with your privacy even in public areas? If you are a techno addict dork and seeking for privacy, the Tech Scarf is something that might be highly interested in. Although sounds ridiculous, but this specially designed scarf has been developed by Joe Malia, a Grad student from the Royal College of Art.

Joe Malia Scarf

This scarf or Playstation tunnel, dubbed Private Public is a privacy scarf for those who are extremely tech savvy or just a computer obsessive. Designed like a tunnel, this scarf is meant to block external glares and keep you warm at the same time. For tech addicts, this is a kind of privacy, especially in public areas. Or may be a kind of privacy for perverts too those who want to watch on some porns in private.

Tech Scarf

Although it looks a bit uncomfortable and tough to breath, this private scarf can be of many uses. It is up to you how you want to use it, but the tech scarf is an useful and unique piece of creation.

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Private Scarf

Via :[Tech Ticker]