Headless Teddy Bear Lamp

I have seen lot of creative folks bringing stupendous illuminating devices that can turn a house with plain boring walls into something worth adoring.  We earlier told you about Birdlight Lamp, a stupendous Bulb design that can lift up the ambiance of any timid room in the house. This time it’s a cool and cute design that has something weird but interesting to offer…kind of like the collection of Russian Nesting Dolls.

teddy bear lamp

According to the makers, the Teddy Bear Lamp is definitely worth a stare and can garner lot of appreciation for onlookers. Teddy Bears do hold a place of coveted prestige in every girl’s life but I am not sure if a headless soft-toy lamp can earn the same. The soft plump body is made the base so as to help one park it comfortably on any flat surface without the fear of tumbling over. If the thought of a teddy bear sacrificing his head to lit up your room doesn’t bother you, this lamp can be bought for $149.

cool teddy bear lamp

The Bomb Flower Vase is another interesting piece of decor accessory for it wisely spreads the message of Peace and flaunts a never-seen-before design.  So when you have a headless Teddy Bear Lamp and a Bomb Flower Vase in your cave at the sometime, your visitors might mistake you for a destructive person.

cute teddy bear lamp design