Temperature Controlled Faucet Lights

Have you ever turned on the tap and jumped because you did not realize the water was boiling? This totally innovative and useful idea for faucet lights would be an amazing alert for you or anyone using the faucet. These Hi Tech faucet lights change color depending on the temperature of the water. It remains cold when the water is cold or at room temperature and turns red when the water reaches 98 degrees Fahrenheit, alerting you of the temperature.

temp controlled faucet lights

These lights could be especially useful with kids around. They are even otherwise cool to look at, and you might want them simply for the novelty of the idea.

The lights on the faucet are turned on by the pressure of the water, and thus they will switch off automatically when the water source is turned off. Batteries are used to light up these  bright LED lights on your tap.

temperature faucet lights

The cool Faucet lights come included with the batteries as well as the adapter, which fits most faucet point in the US.  For only $19.99, there are two colors or finishes for one to choose from, chrome or brushed silver, which are easy to use and can be installed within the space of a minute or less.