Tasty Tetris Cake

Everyone loves a great cake, and if it is a geeky Tetris cake, then its even better. This Tetris cake looks like the perfect combination of geeky and cool and I will give it an A+ for concept and presentation. The idea of the cake might not be original, and there have been other people who tried, but the delivery and actual look of this Tetris version is way above par.

new tetris game cake

I couldn’t get too many details from the actual makers, bea&txm, and unfortunately there weren’t any more pictures of this cake, but there are a couple of things that are evident about the cake. The first is that the cake is a Tetris cake and the second is that the cake is a wedding cake. What I am not sure about is why the groom is carrying a sword and why the bride has something that looks a bit like dynamite in her hand. Maybe I was mistaken and it is actually a divorce cake? Well whatever it is, it is a fun and colorful cake that i’m sure was very delicious to eat.