Tetris Mirror is a Geeky Addition to Your Interiors

Gaming enthusiasts, especially Tetris lovers have something to be really happy about this season, thanks to the Tetris mirror. The Tetris mirror is made of thirteen interlocking panels that come together to form a regular rectangular mirror. What’s more – you can create your own version too, just similar to the game. These interlocking panels have either gold or silver reflective panels, which gives it the required richness and elegance.


Not only is the Tetris mirror an excellent creation from the gaming world but it also helps in enhancing the personal worth of the individual. The fact that this mirror has interlocking blocks, which can be separated and used in different ways, is both advantageous as well as disadvantageous. The interlocking panels allow you the freedom of creating your own mirror designs, thereby enabling you to change the look any time you feel the need. However, many feel that there is always the possibility of these interlocking panels falling down, in true Tetris style, which would mean disaster.

Whether they really fall or not, this mirror is truly a great addition to your homes and should be considered as the geek buy of the season.

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Via: ThePeas.com