10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Cupcakes

When you think of Thanksgiving desserts you usually think about pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie but it’s always good to think outside of the box and be creative! That’s why we wanted to bring you these beautiful thanksgiving CUPCAKES!

Take a look of these beautiful Thanksgiving cupcakes. Astonish your guests, family and friends when you serve them cupcakes as a thanksgiving dessert. They will be grateful that’s for sure 🙂

1. Save the Turkey cupcake

These are our first turkey cupcake. So cute! Almost too pretty to eat 🙂


2. “Secret” ingredient roasted turkey cupcake

The “secret” ingredient here is Caramel which creates the roasted turkey.


3. Oreo Turkey cupcakes

These are so cute and easy. They use Oreos, Whoppers Miniature Reese’s peanut butter cups and candy corn.


 4. Gobble Gobble Cupcakes

The story of these beautiful cupcakes begin with a flower shaped ginger cookie.  Melissa from MyCakeSchool gives a step by step recipe to help you create these festive cupcakes.


5.Pumpkin patch cupcakes

This is a great dessert for the period in between Halloween and thanksgiving, because pumpkin represents both days. You will find here a-lot of orange ingredients: orange sugar, orange liners and orange frosting.


6. pilgrim cupcakes

The pilgrims are one of the iconic symbols of the American thanksgiving, so it’s only right we will have a dessert that immortalizes them. The cupcakes are Vanilla and the hat is made out of marshmallow covered with chocolate.


7. Cornucopia Cupcakes

So here, in addition to pilgrim hat (made from peanut butte cups!) cupcakes you will find also cool Cornucopia cupcakes made from Bugles and Runts candy. A great combination for a very festive thanksgiving.


8. Thanksgiving Pie Cupcakes

If it looks like a pie and smells like a pie… is it a pie? not necessary, sometimes it can be a beautiful cupcake that looks like pie. The best thing in these cupcakes is the real cherry pie filling. Julie from BlogHer gives all the steps in creating these thanksgiving pie cupcakes. A perfect combination between 2 desserts we love.


9.Turkey and stuffing cupcakes

A different style for the stuffed turkey cupcakes. This is, with no doubt, a work of art by Saucy from Saucy’s sprinkles. Yes, there’s a cupcake underneath this stuffed turkey :). The turkey is made from caramel and the green lettuce from corn flakes! Super creative. Try to make these cupcakes in order to really impress your guests.


10. Fall leaves Cupcakes

Thanksgiving is a true fall holiday. In fall, the leaves are becoming red, orange and yellow, and it’s just beautiful. These chocolate fall leaves cupcakes demonstrate just how beautiful fall is.


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