The Automatic Bucket Ice Cream Churn

We all miss those old days when our older folks used to make ice creams in wooden buckets, don’t we? Maybe the newer generation hasn’t seen any of that but trust me, it was fun. Even today I miss those old tools and the fun we used to have. This is one major reason that has made me all excited as soon as I saw this Automatic Bucket Ice Cream Churn.

The good part is that now it has been upgraded, and the hassle our old folks used to take up has been reduced. You won’t need to use those cranks and keep winding them for the ice cream to shape up. Instead, the built in 90 rpm motor rotates the six-fin paddle that lets air pass into the ingredients. The ingredients are placed in a 4 quart aluminum canister. The result? You get smooth and yummy ice cream in just 30 to 40 minutes. And, believe me, the ice cream that you will get will be much better than the ice cream you can buy out there. But of course that can only happen if you put in the right ingredients. Rest of it, the bucket will handle!

How does it do it?

The mechanism is pretty simple to understand. The paddle in the bucket is capable of crushing down the ingredients whether they are cookies, chocolate chips, or fruit pieces. It makes a good thick mixture of them. The fir bucket has ice and rock salt which keeps the canister at the optimal 10 degree F which is ideal for churning ice cream. Now, what happens is that as soon as the paddle starts whipping, your mixture slowly starts freezing, making it an ICE CREAM!

What’s lovelier about this bucket is that it can easily be stored and can easily be cleaned. All you need to do is to simply remove the parts, wash them, and keep them to dry. Also, the canister and the paddle can be stored in a freezer.

This Automatic Bucket Ice Cream Churn is available for $49.95 which I think is a pretty reasonable amount for the work it can do.

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