The Dentist’s Teeth Whitener

Smile is a language understood better than spoken words. A lot is conveyed through a mere smile. Since a plain smile is so important, it has always been necessary for everyone to keep their teeth clean and white. Well, the teeth whitening process has been going on for thousands of years and by tracing its history back to 3000BC, it has been learned that, ‘chew sticks’ were used to clean and whiten the teeth. The sticks were made out of branches with one end tussled to brush on the teeth and polish them. Around 2000BC the same chew stick was used by the Egyptians along with toothpaste made out of pumice rock and wine vinegar. There are even records of Romans using toothpaste containing human urine since ammonia in urine was found to be a good teeth whitener. Well, usage of chew sticks still exists these days, in some under developed parts of the world.

Earlier teeth whitening formula, consisting of lime chloride, were used by the dentists for cleaning dentures. But later on, they came to be known for whitening the teeth too. These days, peroxide is the most common chemical agent used for teeth whitening purposes.

The first method for bleaching stained teeth was introduced by Dr. James Truman in 1864 and was called the Truman method. It involved releasing chlorine from chlorinated lime and adding acids to it. Another method was proposed by Dr. Wright of Virginia involving chlorine again. Basically, in the present day, there are innumerous ways of whitening one’s teeth and so, many smoke, drink coffee and wine without any fear of staining their own teeth.

But what most people dread about is going to the dentist. It is the uncertainty of pain one would have to go through caused by those large scary looking instruments while seated on the dentist’s chair, helpless with one’s mouth wide open. Also, one may not be able to afford for the many visits he or she has to make to the dentist.

So, this is exactly why Hammacher Schlemmer has come up with the Dentist’s Teeth Whitener. A portable use-at-home instrument, this uses the same technology preferred by dentists to whiten the teeth. It increases one’s teeth’s whiteness up by four shades in one week. All one has to do is to apply the whitening gel and for a couple of minutes the plasma light has to be held to one’s teeth. The light comes out of a mouthpiece that one has to bite onto to align the light properly onto the teeth. This will speed up the whitening process and will result in a 200% more bleaching than when bleaching toothpaste is used.

At a price of $49.95, the package includes two mouthpieces, one-third ounce of the whitening gel, and also a whiteness shade guide which will help one to observe the advancement made. Three AA batteries will power up the instrument and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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