The Digital Measuring Cup for Perfectionist Cooks and Chefs

Cooking is not rocket science but still it is an art as well as science and one needs lot of patience, accessories and right ingredients to cook an awesome fare. One of the basic requirements of all kinds of cooks, chefs and home kitchens is the measuring cup. Here is an excellent Digital Measuring cup for all those perfectionist cooks who follow recipe book ratios.

digital measuring cup1

The problem with traditional measuring cups is that we need cups of different sizes according to the need of recipes and one cannot convert measurements in to weights. This Digital Measuring Cup is a unique measuring device which can measure all kinds of wet or dry ingredients and  it displays digital reading on the LCD Screen on the handle (it automatically converts weight into volume for sugar, milk and other ingredients too).  Some recipes of cakes and pastries need precise measurements even professional cooks and chefs will love this digital measuring cup where one can also layer up ingredients and measure them independently.

digital measuring cup2

The Digital Measuring Cup is made of plastic and has a capacity of one lit and equivalent weight capacity is 6.6 lbs. It costs $39.95 and comes with a volume-to-weight conversion chart, hand wash and replaceable lithium battery.

If you are a traditional cook and not keen to adapt geeky measuring methods then check out Matryoshka Nesting Doll Measuring Cups. If you are geek cook then you will also love this set of Nine Board Magnetic Containers for your geeky kitchen.