The Flip Ultra 3 HandyCam

Remember those golden days when posing for a picture meant standing still with a plastered smile, waiting for the photographer to duck under his cloth and flash an ultra-bright light right at our eyes.And yet, today we have the super handy and easy-to-use digicams that revolutionized the way we take pictures. Now the Flip Ultra 3 is doing just that to recording videos! Larger handycams require you to balance them for a long time and have complicated button patterns that need to be pressed for the required performance. The Flip Ultra 3 is the ultimate solution for the tech-challenged and impatient.

Touted in the markets as the simplest and easiest camcorder to get yourself, it is the perfect to the budding filmmaker in you. Shoot home movies right from your baby’s first steps to your daughter’s prom dress, and that hilarious moment when you pull off a brilliant prank on a friend. Shoot a mini-documentary and send it in to a news channel to become what they call these days – a citizen journo. Or if you are dreaming about walking down the red carpet to receive your very own ‘Streamy’ get started with your own web series. The Flip Ultra 3 offers great handling and is fun to use for all this and more!

The third generation Flip has almost no snags that you can point out. It is the result of improvisation and upgrading on the original model which had neither good resolution nor an expansive memory. It was a hit with the public only because it could be used on an impulse and could be shoved into your pocket as you go around fishing for something perfect for your frame! But the Flip Ultra 3 goes that extra mile for you by presenting great clarity despite an unsteady hand.

Buffed up with an 8 gb memory and a digital zoom of up to 2x, this wonder thingamajig works real magic with the videos. This allows you to film on and on for a little more than two hours and delivers 60fps 720fp HD video in MPG4 format. These videos can be transferred to your computer by connecting the Flip gizmo to its USB port using a connector wire that accompanies the product.

Powered by three AAA batteries, it is suggested that you go for the rechargeable kind, so it gives you an unlimited run. The Flip Ultra 3 is priced at about £159.99icon and is value for every penny.

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