The Innovative Coffee Bench : A Masterwork to Sit On

Good furniture design these days is like cheese. Everyone claims theirs’ are good but you will only know it for sure after you have brought it home. The thing that is spectacularly peculiar to furniture design though, is the fact that it should not just display a sense of class and chic but all remain modish with changing taste of times and adhere to the law of physics. Science and its imposing rules aren’t something a conventional artist would consider or stick to. Besides, to satisfy a customer you need to give him that ‘one good chair’ that is unique to his tastes and comfort.

Considering all these expectations, Karolina Tylka – a product designer and Szymon Nawój – an interior architect came together and collaborated on a venture. And that is how the Polish-based Beyond Standards came into being. Their focus and clarity of thought regarding study and the demands posed by spatial and technological that is contemporary to the creation and the lucidity with which their end product is finally designed, produced and relates to the occupied ambience is evident from their conception. But by far among their best seating design is perhaps their latest Coffee Bench, which is so ingeniously simple that you wonder why no one thought of it before.

Not only is the design niftily unpretentious but if you subtly sense the designers’ emphasis on convenience. Your first impression when you look at this present-day masterpiece is a picket fence. A miniature version probably lined with ice cream sticks. You tend to wonder how this thing could ever be comfortable and sat on when you slew a couple of its veering, rotating units, and voila! You discover a straight-backed chair that would both be comfortable and do wonders for your posture while you remain propped up on it in the porch with a book. Swerve one more of those sections and you realize that when you brace them at a certain angle, they form a wide, relaxing armrest for the chair. A desk when you need to jot down or scribble something in a hurry. You could use it anywhere. It could be on the porch for when you are buckling your shoes or reading the paper on a lazy afternoon. It could be on the poolside or pose as a modernistic furniture piece in your living room. Tilt those wooden slivers in any angle, use your imagination and catch new ways to use and find comfort in its use.

Like any true piece of art, this coffee bench too lies in the eye of the beholder and how he discerns it to be. For all I know, someone could see an elaborate coat hanger in this design while the artists themselves had a bench in mind.

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Via: Design Milk