The Marvelous Mobiliario Tetris Shelves

These days, modernism is in. Be it the architecture of the house, or the way you decorate it and possibly even the type of China that you use. Modernism is not only a good way to put to use, geometrical shapes, but is also an efficient way of designing the equipment we use on a day-to-day basis. Besides, it is pragmatic and has a genuine artistic touch to it. It is realistic, tasteful as well as convincing, and is catching up with modern mode. Modernistic furniture design has been appreciated for not only the focus on the clarity of design but also its application and ‘uncomplicatedness’.

One of the most common furniture that could be shared by any room in the house are wall shelves. They are useful not only for no-frills, functional purposes but are more frequently used to display showpieces or decorate the room with. They could be propped out to serve as bookcases, vanity units as a part of bathroom furnishings, multimedia cabinets as a part of your dresser, display racks, prep tables, and as many ways as imagination could serve. The regular wall shelves are necessarily wall-mounted, possibly with glass frames and bulky design. But that is all set to change with Kazuhiro Morakami’s  Mobiliario!

Chic, compact, and multi-purpose, Morakami’s Mobiliario is a modern artistic furniture masterpiece! If you seek to design your living room or bedroom in all the rage then you need to look no further. The Mobiliario adopts a design that is in style and contemporary. Its practicality is beyond par and has been much appreciated amidst furniture design critic circles. It can be the centerpiece of your apartment or can majestically occupy a corner, setting a bold statement. All in all, it is a handsome piece of storage shelves that would suit both the happy-go-lucky as well as the formal environment.

These great aesthetic features are complimented by the sleek, thin shelves that make up the myriad sill, ledges, and layers of this work of art. The Mobiliario is ready-made, all-assembled, and ready to use at the time it reaches the customer. The stand and various fixing items pose no problem at all and gel well with any ambience you choose to strut it up in. Additionally, it is lightweight, and made of glossy hardwood that brushes aside any worries about container loadability on the event of moving.

Playful yet sophisticated, artsy and in the same breath correct, the tetris design and adaptableness make you fall in love with this wooden wonder. Thanks to the craftsmanship and hard-headed, fresh design, Kazuhiro Morakami’s Mobiliario makes for an instant heirloom!

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