The Moshi Matic: The Fun Way Of Doing Laundry!

Ever dreaded those horrible, dull long laundry days, that as the name suggests requires an entire day which could have been spent doing something more fun?

Well, the dog days are over. The Moshi Matic is the latest and most effective way of doing your laundry; and I’ll bet that even the most sophisticated Washing Machine now has some serious competition!

The Moshi Matic The Fun Way Of Doing Laundry

Designed by Guillaume Moshi Guyader, the Moshi Matic which also incidentally bears the same name as its creator is breathtaking because of the kind of technology used, namely Android technology, which is efficient and very easy to use. This washing device runs on Android and it is also powered by an ARM CPU which is the amazing technology that makes this magnificent machine a cut above the rest. All you have to do is download an application with your Android or iOS cellphone, and you can control this washing machine as your cellphone acts as a kind of remote control. That’s not all. This washing machine is also relatively environment-friendly because while you are using this washing machine, you can track the amount of power it is consuming along with its water consumption and adjust it accordingly.

If you are still not convinced and want a more stylish one, check out Dismount Washer; but for the Moshi Matic, you won’t even have to think of buying any detergent, because the Moshi Matic comes equipped with highly efficient and specific soap capsules which are stored in an automatic loading tray. The machine orders its own capsules when supply needs replenishing and sends you a phone confirmation!

The Moshi Matic The Fun Way Of Doing Laundry 2

Buy the Moshi Matic – and be the proud owner of God’s gift to mankind! All you household gadget freaks would love to own this Portable Vacuum Cleaner.